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About Us

Suku is more than just dainty jewelry. Suku is a dream made possible by combining intention and action. The Suku brand was born from hours of dreaming, designing, and planning. Along the way there were successes as well as failures.

All taking place in the beautiful tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. No matter the challenges faced, we refused to lose sight of our mission; to create a unique and stunning product we believe wholeheartedly in. Choosing Suku Jewelry means choosing to support a team of artists who have dedicated years of their lives perfecting their craft. As a result, our products are of the highest quality, our materials are ethically sourced and creatively designed.

Founder and lead designer Valentina developed her love for jewellery making early on. She used to visit local markets in her hometown of Rome in Italy, searching for the most beautiful chains and amulets to put into her creations. Upon moving to Bali, Valentina found herself inspired by the artists and craftsmen on the island and felt called to return to her roots as a jeweller after some hectic corporate years in London.

In Bali, she found there was the opportunity to be selective about her partnerships with silversmiths and eco-friendly distributors which was an essential part to the development of Suku Jewellery.

Through these partnerships with local Balinese family owned businesses, Valentina’s minimalist and elegant designs have come to life in an affordable and mindful way. The emphasis is on handmade, locally manufactured pieces using recycled silver as well as packaging with low environmental impact.

Suku Jewellery caters to the conscious buyer, we are dedicated to providing beautiful, creative jewellery pieces without compromising on social responsibility and compassion.

Suku Jewellery - simply elegant, simply eco-friendly, simply handmade, and simply yours.